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Sample websites designed and maintained by www.thorn-creek.com. Click on image to visit the selected page and text hyperlink to enter the site.
  Los Radiators are an acoustic band playing regular gigs in Taos, Albuquerque and Santa Fe. The site features a performance schedule and several full length recordings.
  This site was developed for a local pencil artist, whose website also features a javascripted image gallery that loads full screen images of her artwork.

Artisanal pasta stamps and Italian culinary objects. This site features a shopping cart that you can fill with hand crafted Corzetti pasta stamps.

  The University of New Mexico's Medical Laboratory Sciences Program website features medical imagery unique to our region that is shared and utilized worldwide. This site is ranked highly for rare educational photographs by Google image search.
  Ruth Kletnick teaches Hebrew and composes original music. Her songs can be played either by browser-default or Flash player.
  A website I designed for an Albuquerque neighborhood association
  A website I hope is bringing in business to a local lath and plaster expert.
Color scheme for this page [Garcia Sola's landscapes] courtesy of extraterroide @ kuler.adobe.com